Water rescue

On the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea there is a problem with the shortage and the inadequate preparation of a large part of the water life savers

Air rescue

Everyone has a basic instinct to help one another. If a cyclist is lost in the mountains, people will coordinate the search.

SAR and ER

If a building collapses, people will be busy to give blood. If the ship is flooded, nearby ships will be saved.

Vertical Rescue

If the earthquake lifts the city, people from all over the world will send urgent supplies. It’s so fundamentally human …

High Speed 0%





The typical profile of the guilty driver, with whom not only I but most of the people in whom they are chopping - low educated tricikats, with old and cheap cars of big brands, are in breach and are like born experts in attempts to manipulate, and pretend.

- Joanna Steeler, Insurance Broker

I made this site within an hour, where I would share a few points that I believe will in a new way impact on arrogant and self-confident drivers but on the other hand very effective potential killers on the road (which can make you mistaken whatever plans you have made in life, just because they do not think and put you into their lives).

- Shayna Jenkins, Personal Trainer

In the foolish situation on Bulgarian roads, sanctions against non-compliant drivers must be drastic, long-time bookkeeping, high money sanctions, heavy labor, and we will quickly get rid of these dumb! These low-educated people flick us along the roads, they vote for a fee and determine who can rule us!

- Sharon Andrews, Crossfit Trainer

This is the typical happening that happened on a bend in Canada when I was with a bike - from the bend, right in front of you, in your canvas, you climb at speed and old iron someone who confuses you any plans, breaks your car or motorcycle, and although you survive, which is the most important thing, you lick your wounds and you have to enjoy it just because your brand new car with the most modern security systems and secured doors has also contributed to your safety. And there's a big waste of time, money, and healing ... But on these ``ht dogs``, they just get away with a fine and a cheap repair. this is exactly what needs to be changed in a new way. because until now we can not see how to do it in our country until there are drastic changes.

- Bobby Thomson, Athletics Trainer